Custom Silver Jewelry Design

Creating silver jewelry is the center of our work at VerySelection. Our designers work hard to create fresh new designs for daily wearing. Even so, our staff takes great pride in working with our customers to create custom silver jewelry pieces. The customized silver jewelry is the best way to speak their own unique personality or to commemorate a special occasion such as wedding or graduation. We have a clear solution for customers who want to make custom silver jewelry that will be cherished and admired for a lifetime.

VerySelection offers many customizable options let you individually design your custom silver jewelry. Customers can choose from 18k coating with yellow gold, rose gold, silver hues and black gold; detailed, hand-cut or laser signature scrollwork; engraved bright and vintage scrolls. Enhance the design with a personal logo, mark, lettering, gemstones, or colored zirconia, freshwater pearls etc., to create an amazing keepsake.

We have all your need to create a one-of-a-kind pieces. With the support of our first-class designers, experienced workers and top manufacturing facility, you will receive the super quality with every custom silver jewelry order.

To star and create your own designs with us, we will charge USD100 deposit for every style that you want to make, and this deposit will be fully refunded when you place an order over 30pcs per style.

Here is the custom silver jewelry design processes:

1.      Submit design by the customers. Idea by sketch, image, real sample or any other way that can express your vision, tell us your cost expectation and the designs' target customers.

2.      We provide a sketch of design and price estimation for customers to confirm the design solution.

3.      The deposit of USD100 per style is needed after confirmation, then we start the molding process. We will provide 3 to 5pcs free samples for this style (USD100 will be fully refunded once this design goes to the production process), normally we don't do double charge if only changes stones' color or coating for the same style. 

4.      We will send the design samples by Express shipping with no charge.

5.      A free revise will be done if needed.

6.      The real silver weight will be calculated and the final price will be quoted when samples confirmed, +/- 10% difference based on the first price estimation.

7.      As soon as 30pcs order is received, the USD100 paid deposit becomes the deposit of the order which means the mold, design processes and previous (3 to 5pcs) samples are completely free.

If you have any question about the custom silver jewelry, please feel free to email us at: or click customer support @Whatsapp on our website.