offer drop ship services to all registered customers at no extra charge. Customers don't need to carry inventory, and we will ship the items without any our information on the package. You can use our images and descriptions on your website, Ebay store or Amazon etc.,

Below are the instructions of how to use our drop ship service.
1. Register for Free
Get start via registering an account at is completely free,all you need to start with is an email address. Please note that the email address you enter will be the only email we can use to send you order updates about your drop ship orders. There is no price different between wholesale customers and drop ship customer. 
2. Upload our products by CSV feed to your online store or manually
Dropship customers can download the CSV feed at, this is the quickest and easier way to upoload all of's products to your online store.The CSV file can be download via the below link, please copy the below link to your browser, then you can save it.
If you are using our drop ship service, and you want to upload the new arrival products or the products on or after the specific date, please add the specific date (year-month-date) at the end of the original CSV link.
Please referent to the below link for products listed after the specific date, such as the products listed after 1 Jan, 2014, 5 Jan, 2014, 10 Jan, 2014, 15 Jan, 2014.
The new arrival products on or after the specific date will be listed in the CSV file.
If you have any advise about the CSV format or require specific data,please feel free to contact our customer service via, we will try to figure out the problems ASAP.
On the other side,you need to upload the products manually if your online store cannot support CSV feed. If you want to get higher pixel images,please click the images at the product page, a new window will open, then you can save the higher pixel image.
3. Place an Orders with You Own Billing Address
Select the products that you have been selling to the cart and enter the correct quantity. Now click CHECK OUT to place the order. Please note that the Billing Address in Step 2 is your address as used in your payment method, while the Shipping Address in Step 3 is your customer's address as given to you when the order was made. You can estimate the postage during the shopping cart page by selecting the destination counry.
4. Make a "Drop Ship" note when check out in Step 4"Delivery Method"
Make a “Drop Ship” note in the note box when you check out in Step 4 “Delivery Method”, which will remind us to provide a "Drop Ship Services" – remove our logo from the package.  If you have other requirements to deal with this drop ship order, please fill in the note box. If you want to, we even take the photos of the package & delivery sheet and send you by email.
5. Package of your drop ship order
Once your payment is confirmed, we will arrange to deliver your package. We value our drop shipers as same as your customers, all the package will use uniform package with beautiful gift bag but without any label or logo belongs to,only some simple logo for example, “Fashion Jewellery”. The packaging simply including OPP bag, free gift bag and bubble bag to avoid damaging. Please referent to the pictures of gift bags:
Sorry we do not provide the gift wrapping service at the moment.
Please note that we strongly recommend drop ship customers send your own invoice format and delivery note to us before we delivery your drop ship order,you can email us the e-copy and we will print it out and attached to the package we sent to your customer; or you can send the invoice to the customer directly.
6. Ship and Track Your Orders
We use HongKong post(named as standard shipping) to ship small orders as this is the most economic way for drop ship orders. HongKong Post is really reliable, high efficient shipping and with good reputation to time delivery, especially in the peak time and it can cover more than 200 countries with the same flat shipping rate based on weight.
An "Dispatch Confirmation" will be sent to your email account and update at your account at the same time after our courier collect the package.There is no tracking number for drop ship order less than $15.00 USD. The average delivery day for Hongkong Post is 10-15 working days.
7. Stock status of your drop ship products
If you update the stock manually, you need to check our stock level regularly in case of out of stock situation. We have an easy way for you to check the stock status rather than check through the all products page by page.
Pleases add all your drop ship products into wish list (My Account), the stock status and available quantity will be shown on the columns. There are three stock status for the products "In Stock (stock quantity)", "Out of Stock" and "Unavailable". It is much better to remove the items from your store once you see the out of stock and unavailable status in the list.  Sorry that we cannot send out of stock or unavailable item to every drop ship customers as many of them have different drop ship list. We believe that this is a good solution for drop ship customers to check the stock status in a short time and update their stock without making mistake.
Important Notes:
1. We never include publicity materials or invoices within the packages sent to your customers in order to protect your reputation as a reputable supplier. In terms of our address in the front, we have two options for drop ship customers: 1) we will not add our address, only print the recipient’s address. 2) or We can make our address like your warehouse in Shenzhen China (eg: xxxx’s warehouse), because we send all our items from Shenzhen China, we cannot print anywhere else.
2. In order to prevent any fraudulent activity we always double-check account details especially drop shippers do not reply any emails from our customer service team in related to your shipping address, invoice format and delivery note. Especially, if you want to pay by your Paypal account, please make sure that your Paypal account is verified as we need to take the risk to delivery to another different address (your customer's delivery address) which is not consistent with your own Paypal verified delivery address.
3. We mainly use Hongkong Post for drop ship orders. We find it is reliable and not expensive with high efficient. But we will use other shipping methods if we found another that is more suitable for your destination shipping address in some situation.
4. In terms of return,If your customers want to return or exchange goods purchased, they must first contact you first as you are Account holder as well as the vendor of their purchased goods. 1) if the return is not a result of our error and caused by fondness or size, the customer or you (it depends on the policy between you and your customers) will be required to cover both way shipping postage. 2) If customers receive any defective items, please inform our customer service as soon as possible. Customers have the option of exchanging it for the correct item or returning it for a full refund. Whatever the condition is, the customer should contact you first, this return policy only valid between you and us.
5. Every new drop ship customer can get $2.00 USD register gift voucher for the first time shopping and another $2.00 USD gift voucher for next time order if spend over $50.00, excluding the shipping charges.
6.The most important point,you should always pay much attention to our stock. If your customers order the item which is out of stock, we have no responsibility to that but we will try our best to replenish the shortage item. Meanwhile, we strongly recommend that you’d better sell the item with high in-store quantity.
7. Please note that no import duty and tax(VAT) occur when the package arrive at destination country as the package is shipped via post office with low value on the package label. - Wholesale Jewelry China Wholesale Accessories China is a jewelry and accessories wholesaler that carries top quality botique style products. We are located in Shenzhen,China,one of the busiest economic and trade city in China.We are proud to bring an amazing wholesale jewelry and wholesale accessories to our customers. only do the top quality wholesale jewelry and wholesale accessories with competitive price. Our product line include a wide selection of wholesale earrings,necklaces,bracelets,brooches,hair accessories and much more. is being updated on a weekly bases with the latest styles and items.Our professional sourcing team is dedicated in sourcing the top quality and enhancing the variety of our products in fashion field; the web-team strives to provide a friendly and secure environment for our customers to shop;the operation team keeps high efficiency to process customers order and enquires.
As a premiere online wholesale jewelry and wholesale accessories shopping destination,we understand how important to listen to our customers' voice,therefore providing best customer service to each individual customer.